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NEVER too much about WATER

Water and You
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There are three requisites for our body for its smooth functioning - air, water, food, in that order. Air is the first requisite for us to live since we cannot survive for more than few moments without breathing oxygen. Water is not in first place because we can survive for a few days without drinking water, whereas we can survive for a few months even without food. It shows that food is the last requisite for the body. If we fulfill the requirements accordingly, our body will not be affected.

If our health is affected, it goes without saying that we are committing some mistake somewhere. It may not appear as a mistake and so we are unmindful of it. But it affects the body. There is no chance for us to commit any mistake in regard to the first requisite. But the problem comes with the second and third. There is 67 % of water in our body. The rest 33% is solid which consists of bones, muscles, nerves, etc.

Nature around us consists of two third water and one third of land. The same way our body has two third of water and one third of solid. Based on this truth, we should give importance to food and water in the same proportion. It means we should take two-third of water and eat one third of food. But we reverse the ratio in practice.
What we do everyday? We eat 70% food and drink 30% water. Analyze for yourself whether more quantity of water is going into your stomach or more solid food. Why are we reversing the importance of our fundamental needs? I can think of only one reason. The food is tasty whereas water is insipid and it releases more of urine. So we turned our second need to third need and food as our second need and we made our lives accordingly.
When we reverse the basic needs of our body, how do we expect good health? We ignore the fact that how water is helpful and assume that eating food is a healthy sign. So we tend to eat more. Observe any mother or wife in any family. She gives more importance to food than to water and coaxes her husband or child thus – “Oh, dear, why don’t you eat a little more?” “Please baby, eat one more apple. It will give you energy.”

When a child is drinking water, his mother will snatch away that glass and will fondly give him a glass of milk. Even before the husband can digest the food he has consumed today, the wife asks him affectionately what to cook for the next day. She thinks that “the best way to win a man’s heart is through his stomach,” and so prepares many mouth-watering dishes.

Strictly speaking if we give second place to water, do you know how the words of concern should be “Dear, you drink this glass of water, too!” “Shall I serve you some more water?” “How many liters of water did you drink today?”

Of course food is important to lead our life smoothly, but not as much as water.

Water and health

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