Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What is good health?

Are you healthy?

Generally, we feel we are healthy if our blood tests, X-rays and scans are normal. On the other hand, if there is a trace of sugar in your blood test, you fear you’ve become diabetic. But neither of these is true. You don’t develop diabetes on the day you had your test done or three/ four days prior to that! It is a result of the decay of your cells for ages. Can we foresee cancer in the blood tests? No! We get ourselves tested two or three times a year and boast of ourselves that we are healthy. In a way we are cheating our selves.
If your body cells are pure and clean you are a healthy person. Now you test yourself if you are really healthy. You need no checkups and no reports.

To judge if you are healthy -

- You shouldn’t have bad breath even if you don’t brush your teeth for a few days. Your saliva also does not smell bad. Then you are healthy.

- You should be able to bathe without body soap. Your body should not give off a smell even if you have not bathed for two or three days. It shows you have good health.

- Your sweat should not stink. The clothes you wear, even if you wear them continuously for a few days, should not have a bad odor. That’s a healthy sign.

- Your urine shouldn’t have a foul smell or a bad odor. Then you are totally healthy.

- Your motion should not give off a bad odor. It should instead smell like the food you ate. If that is the case, you have wonderful health.

Those who win on the above five tests don’t need any further testing. There is no doubt about it.
The waste matter produced in the cells travels from the cells to the excretory organs and from there back to cells. In result they pollute the body and the cells. The water in the cells receives the stinking smell from the cells and flows all over the body. This is the smell we experience when waste materials leave the body.

Flowers don’t give a stinking smell. Garbage doesn’t smell better even if you pour perfume over it. Same way the stink inside our body cannot be concealed by any number of toothpastes, soaps, powders, perfumes, scents, or sprays over the body or in the toilets.

We are not cleaning enough inside our bodies. If we don’t do that, however much we clean the body externally it is not helpful. What’s the use of washing our hands if our feet are dirty? But that is what we are doing!

We should allow our inner body to clean itself. Natural food keeps the cells healthy producing lesser waste. Fasting once in a while gives rest to the intestines. If we fast on honey, it gives instant energy and the waste material will be sent out of the cells, keeping them clean. That's why fasting is compared to penance. Fasting makes the body holy. In those who fast regularly, stinking disappears and new cells form fast making the body energetic.

Don't you want to live life long without any disease? Then, eat only natural food. Enjoy the tastes of nature as they are! In return, you will have perfect health as long as you live. Realize that Health is Happiness and Wealth too! You can prove that good health is not beyond the reach of man! source:
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