Monday, July 14, 2008

I am a stem...and I love it.

Today I'd like to share something special. My great friend Azer started his third year blogging with this video "Krystyna"... dedicated to me. Wow! I'm so happy!

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa.
Video by Azer Mantessa


Thank you Azer Very much! I have more Thanks ...
for your beautiful Art Pattern with amazing music named with my name ...Krystyna .
You can listen to this song here: Krystyna by Azer Mantessa.
And a special Thanks to you for an amazing poem you wrote when my Kevin became seriously sick.
Here: AZER and here: Dear Kevin
I am really blessed to have you in my life.

About a month ago I recived this beautiful award from my great friend Mel : /Mel, thank you so much again/
24 Carat Gold Most Outstanding Bloggers Award

Azer, your job as a three-year-old blogger is really outstanding! I always admire your novelty and I'd like to nominate you for this 24 Carat Gold Most Outstanding Bloggers Award.
Azer: Azer


I'd like to nominate one more person. I'm sad that my great, amazing friend Ev said good bye to blogging but I'm happy that she said, that it is NOT forever. I love her writing very much. She always inspires me. Ev is a warm and gentle loving soul.
I hope Ev, that you come back very soon. Good luck Ev, enjoy your time!
"Sometimes God draws straight lines in crooked strokes. And when we no longer understand His ways, we just have to put our trust under His loving Hands." -
by Ev

24 Carat Gold Most Outstanding Bloggers Award

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