Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fill Your Life With Passion

Follow your inner path in life.
Life is too short to stop doing what you love, and it is never too late to rediscover your favorite things. If you gave up playing an instrument, painting, drawing, spending time in nature, or any other activity or interest that you once loved to do, now may be the time to take up that passion again. If you don't remember what it is that you used to be passionate about, you may want to think about the activities or interests that you used to love or the dreams that you always wished you could pursue.
You don't have to neglect your responsibilities to pursue your passions, and you don't have to neglect your commitments to do what you love. When you make an effort to incorporate your interests into your life, the fire within you ignites. You feel excited, inspired, and fed by the flames that are sparked by living your life with passion for what you love.
My My Life Passion...

Giving massages, helping others heal

and my Motto...

First, be kind and loving to yourself
As you would love a child;

Allow spontaneity and play in your work
And know the effortless healing
Of God's indiscriminate laughter.

Remember, the more complicated the system
the more confused the client;
The more difficult the treatment
the less likely the cure;
The more SECRET the method
the more SCARCE the love.

Remain quiet within
And they will resonate with peace;
Sow silence, and they'll reap wisdom;
Step aside, and they will heal themselves.

Let go your desire to heal:
Watch God emerge.

Discover Your Passion and Follow Your Passion!

Photo from Vertebral column
Lao Tzu
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