Sunday, June 21, 2009

The easy way to make professional sushi

Photo: Making sushi is an art

I like sushi, Vegetarian Sushi

I found a very interesting instrument - Sushezi Sushi Maker used to make sushi in easy way at home. Look at this short video how it works:

Product Description:
Sushezi - Perfect sushi made easy. Perfect sushi is no longer an expensive restaurant food. Professional, round sushi can now be created in your own kitchen with your own choice of fillings. With just three easy steps, you can make roll after roll, and will have your guests coming back for more.

With easy-to-follow instructions, the Sushezi creates perfectly formed sushi quickly and reliably with no guesswork and no trial and crror. Using your own choice of imaginative fillings, everyone will enjoy making their own personalized sushi rolls. The Sushezi can also be used for a variety of dessert tiems. Walnut rolls, fudge rolls, cake rolls, and slice and bake cookies are just a few of the possibilities. Kids will love to make their own rice crispy rolls, and will enjoy being able to make their own personal candy sushi.

You can see Sushezi here: Sushezi Sushi Made Easy

Sounds good and I'd like to buy it, but I do not know for sure just whether this product is really such good, as suggested by the product description.
If you have Sushezi-Maker, please, share your personal information and experiences.
You can read about sushi here.
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