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The Formula for Health, Youthfulness and Happiness/Lecture by Paul Nison/

I named this post "The Formula for Health, Youthfulness and Happiness", because as Paul Nison said - "Health is more than diet alone /man do not live by bread alone /. It does'nt matter how good is your diet if you do not take into consideration the other components of health, you will not be as healthy and happy as you could be. Along with nutrition, becoming more aware of our emiotions and spiritual feelings can truly take our health to another level. It is not just about eating. But the main subject is healthy eating - because on this subject most people are deceived."

Paul stresses that you do not have to be on a 100% raw diet. For example, if you eat 70-80% raw and the rest good quality cooked food..........This is OK.

Prepare yourself for a fantastic lecture lead by the great, full of sense of humor man, Paul Nison, who will reveal the secrets of health.

Incidentally - this type of participation in lectures usually costs a lot. We have it here ... for free.

This video /9 episodes / is really interesting, humorous, and the benefits of this knowledge everyone can see for yourself.

"Knowledge is power, allows us to find our own way."

I encourage you to watch these lectures and to make positive adjustments to your health, youth and personal happiness and your family.
I know it requires some time. But... isn't your and your family health the most valuable?

"Practice makes the Master."

For your convenience I've included links to more episodes.

Part 2 of 9:
Part 3 of 9:
Part 4 of 9:
Part 5 of 9:
Part 6 of 9:
Part 7 of 9:
Part 8 of 9:
Part 9 of 9:
"I believe my colling in life is to help people realize that avoiding and overcoming disease is not difficult. It can be simple and even fun" - Paul Nison,
from my favorite book - "Raw Food - Formula for Health" Raw Food Formula for Health
I'll tell you why I prefer the raw food. Raw food for me is the tastiest, healthiest and most beautiful. My dream is to eat 100% raw food, but I also like cooked food yet, (believe me, Polish food is really delicious). I can say that I'm about 70% raw food. I like days when I eat 100% raw. In those days I feel the best.
If I ate in the traditional way, today my health would be in ruins. That I am 100% sure! Now I feel 300% better and healthier than 20-30 years ago. So I encourage everyone to take care of your health as you can preferably. You deserve the best. Remember, the best doctor for you is... YOU!
You decide how to choose your best lifestyle... both - physical and spiritual.
I believe that Nutrition is also vital for spiritual development.

May this lecture will help you reach your goals of health and wellness!
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