Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

I think that Earth Day should be celebrated every day.
We all should re-unite as one, so we may protect our Mother Earth and live in peace and harmony.

Look at what we are doing to our Earth
What a wonderful thing it is to be sharing the Planet with You!

April 22, 1970 - the first national Earth Day.

Save the Earth to save your life. This is our only home.

Update after April 20 - an explosion in the Gulf of Mexico.

(CNN) - As oil began approaching the coast of the United States, environmental scientists said the effects of the spill in the Gulf of Mexico could have ecological and biological consequences for years, if not decades.


Today, our Mother
need our love,
Our Mother of all life
Mother of all maternity ...

He has been wounded
have crossed his heart without mercy,
have soiled their holy blood ...

Today she, Pachamama,
is filled with pain
by the indifference of their children,
she cries feeling abandoned ...

Today we call in our hearts,
to say:
Beloved Mother, Mother Earth, I love you
thanks for every day of life you give us ...

Today Gaia needs our love
need that embrace,
to mend their wounds
son with tender kisses ...

For failure to do so
will be too late for everyone
because failure to do so
perhaps there is no tomorrow for many ...

written by my friend - Isaac

( translation from Spanish of this beautiful poem is from Google)

Let we pray for our Planet Earth!
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