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A prayers for daily guidance.

A prayers for daily guidance

Author Unknown

Lord, with earnest heart I pray
Guide me, hold me, one more day.

With your loving hand in mine
Make me whole and pure and fine.

Along the road I walk today
Guide my path and show the way.

Cleanse me now and make me whole.
Whole in body, mind and soul.

Always, God, I pray to Thee
Help me, Lord and walk with me.

The path is long, the road is steep
I stumble, fall and often weep.

Help me rise and walk today
With hope and love, come what may.

In all I do and all I see
I feel your presence there with me.

Lord, my God, please guide my way
Walk beside me one more day.

Inspiring thots



by Isaac A. Devis G.

Without fear
handed in Your Hands,
surrendered to You,
submitted ...

Before You, my Lord,
Father Mother
I leave my heart and my hopes,
because only You know the truth ...

I want nothing other than You,
I'm made ​​of You,
I feed You
It is You who aspire to breathe ...

I move in You
You and I exist
I come to You
I'm in You and to You will return ...

Therefore You are the now
Yours is the truth
and of You come all the love,
Love because You absolute ...

Just want to be in You,
In You who art my whole being,
You, who filled the universe,
You, my Lord ...

And so, without fear in You I surrender
and I want to be in Your tender hands,
because I am nothing without You
and with You I am the sky and life ...

In You, only You,
nothing there other than You,
I melt in You and lose myself
to really be forever ...


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