Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Did you read "Skinny Bich"?

Last week, one of my nice client asked me:
-Did you read "Skinny Bitch"?
-"Skinny Bitch" ???.. Oh, no, I don't have time ...specially for this kind of book...
-But this book is about your lifestyle - she said.
-Ooo,... so ... I have to read "Skinny Bitch".

Immediatelly I bought this book. (btw, 3 books-for my family too).

Really she was right. This book is worth to reading.
I recommend this book for its funny and at the same time practical approach to healthy living. Although I may not agree with every word or opinion mentioned throughout this book ( e.g. product placement for vegan meat substitutes; I think it is better to prepare something that is actually healthy).... I can honestly say that this book made me think.

It isn't about being fat or thin - its about being healthy.
About healthy lifestyle.

It is an eye opening book making us realize what we really consume and why we became such unhealthy and obese nation.

And by the way, I know and accepte that we have the "right" to eat what we want, including chemicals and dreaded meat and dairy.

"Skinny Bitch" author gives you five good reasons to go vegan.

I wonder if you read Skinny Bitch ?

Skinny Bich website
Fragment of Skinny Bitch
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