Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Do Animals Have Emotions?

Cartoon Animal Feelings and Love
Of course they have.

Meet Your Meat - The 12 and a half minute video. It is not easy to watch how animals are raised for food. It is not easy to understand why man can be so cruel. But it is the truth.


I don't eat meat, but not only because it is not healthy food. The first reason is - I don't like to kill animals too.

Look at these beautyful photos. What a different life these feral cats have.

Photo: the ferals Great Picnic at the park

We're not the only ones who have emotions:

Feeling the pain of animals by Marc Bekoff.

After this very sad video, (I hope you watched it- if you can) I'd like to serve something different.

Many people like animals even they eat meat. Some people didn't know for sure if it is good for health to eat meat or not (many authorities recommend meat). But they try not to be such cruel.

I know many people who love animals. One of my blogger friend is Suzanne. She is a wonderful woman with big, lovely heart for not only people but for all God's creature.

These beautiful photos are from Suzanne.

"...Our back yard is a wildlife habitat. We feed the birds and squirrels and and what ever else wanders in day or night. We're an equal opportunity feeding station. I can not imagine my life without animals or art".. - says Suzanne.

She is the one of the beautiful souls who understand animals feelings.

Her place is amazing and full of love. See here:


Photo: Happy Rusty! He looks like he is in seventh heaven!

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