Monday, June 16, 2008

Surrounded by Art.

"Be joyful with those who are joyful" - Romans 12:15

We can become so busy that we forget to make time for our friends during their good times. When our friends need us during their bad times we go with a helping hand, hug or sympathetic ear. Part of being a true friend, however, is also being there during their good times. My dear
friend Dawn, as many of you know, has her successful moment. Finally her dream came true.
Here is her first book :

"Khawabon Ki Zameen" (Land of dreams)

Read here:

I'm so, sooo happy Dawn, that your book is edited.

Please tell your friends and family who can read Hindi to support and also people who would love to read Hindi- can also support this book :) and the kids.

Author of this beautiful book, my dear friend Dawn from India said:"As I have said this is my dream and publishing this book not only gives me an opportunity to give some thing back to the community but also fulfills my dream to help children".
Congratulations Dawn! I'm so happy that your dreams became reality!

Please visit Dawn:

Dawn said: "Yes 20% of the amount that I get from this book will be given to an Orphanage “International Child Welfare Service” in Chennai, India. They have many programs and one of them is called as “Dawn and Dusk Home, A Home for the HIV+ children”, - those kids who were born with it not because of their fault."
Great job, Dawn! Good luck!
Dawn, it is my pleasure to nominate you with "Arte y pico" Award. I know that you like this pic.. Please, take it from my last post with its rules.
"Painting is a subtle language, a bit like a music".

Painting by Isaac:

I'd like to also nominate with "Arte y pico" Award two of my great, lovely, artistic friends: Isaac and Suzanne.
Their hearts and lights make the world a better and more beautiful place.
Please, Isaac and Suzanne, this award is for you!

Here is Issac site:

Isaac, your poems and paintings always impress me. You really are one that works with and within the Light. Let your Light be ever and forever!

Here is Suzanne's Rose Studio:
And this beautiful Award "You are a dear friend" is Suzanne's project. She made it with her beautiful, friendly heart. And she dedicated this Award to all blogger friends. Thank you Suzanne! I love this award! And I love this idea.!

And I dedicate "You are a dear friend" Award to Dawn and to Isaac too.
And to all my blogger friends and visitors. Please take this award.

Suzanne, as an author of this beautiful Award established only two rules: You are a dear friend
Read what she said:" Remember when I had the flu? Yup, me too. Man that was ugly. But somehow I managed to design and award during that period. Why? Because I was inspired by all of my dear friends, who never let me down, and got me through a very difficult time... I'm not going to name names because I want all my dear friends to take this if they want and then I want you to share it with people who matter to you as well. It's funny you know, I realized we don't have to wait to recieve an award, we can simply make them up!!! Brilliant! I'm going to design another one and give it out in the next few months! I know, I'm probably going to be forever known as the "Award Queen." Ahhhh, life is too much fun. I hope to see this award on all the blogs I visit and then some. So don't hesitate. Just grab it and run! My only request is that you leave a comment. And the comment is rather important. I want you to list at least two things about yourself that you love. That's all."

"You are a dear friend" Award is for you and you, and you... for all my visitors. And remember to write "two things about yourself that you love".


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