Thursday, November 13, 2008

I love words... New Lady on the blog...

i love words

i love words
words that connected
to my soul
words that are true and real

if i scribble them wisely
if i used them in my little tongue
cos words are my actions, my gestures
they are the poetic drums of
my every heartbeat
i could say
i have become words of unsaid
of unconditional love
that words of knowledge
could flow on every page
from my soul
the spoken word
that became my hope
that became my gift
as words can preach through
open mouths of people
my heart sings them to the sun
grace them to he moon
oh beautiful words of fulfilling life
when i smile
and scribble
before my shadow
could only breathe
the sigh of humble
i love words, there are my tears
and my silent music
whenever i express my soul
to the sky
without words, i couldn’t be a lovely emotional poem
on that magical paper……..

© Kai C....11/12/2008

This post I dedicate to the special poetess..Princess Kai . I love how she plays with words. She loves words. I love words too. But I'm not poetess.
I made for myself a little colection of her beautiful poems. You can see it here:
My Kai's Poems

If you would like to meet Kai, please, go to her blogsite here:

Dear Kai -
I love words too
I love words
words that connected
to my soul
words that are true and real...

my room smells like flowers,
falling petals
oh so colorful
they blooms into
my soul
while words stirred off
flowing down

upon my paper

© 2008 Kai C.
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