Saturday, November 22, 2008

Vacation and Spiritual Development

I took this title from Paul Martin's beautiful book - "Original Faith"

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Engaging in a vacation has positive effects on our spiritual development. It sharpens our perspective - Paul said.

A vacation is a continuing aid in making distinctions about what is and is not worthwhile in our motivation and behavior.

Having a vacation can also help us to maintain sanity.

Engaging in a vacation can help bring us into a new sense and idea of ourselfves. A vacation can be a means of growing nearer to the only One.

Original Faith - from Chapter 6, The Nature of Work,
by Paul Martin, 2008.
I need a vacation. I'll be back in a month. While I'm gone I'd like to invite you to visit the beautiful blogsite, created by well-known, great poetess Nasra ... Living in Poetry:

You can find there very interesting Interview with Paul: Paul in Salmon Song.

If you have been given a chance to introduce Paul, explaining to other who is Paul? What would you say about Paul? (In another way can you tell us more about you, the person beyond your writing)?
Thank you, Nasra, for beginning with something central to my point of view. I’d like to pick up on that right away – the fact that my primary interest is in what unites people spiritually.


Original Faith

It's now available online at,,, and and is also available by special order at bookstores (ISBN: 978-1-934611-00-5).

Read here: About Paul
Here is Paul's blog
I'll be back on my Birthday - 22 December.
Come to my 20th Birthday and remember that I love flowers. Your sweet, supportive visits are always my lovely, beautiful flowers.

See you soon. Be happy!
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