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How to eat fruit...

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One of the fastest, easiest ways to replenish vitamins, minerals, and enzymes and undo the damage caused by poor eating habits is to drink the juice of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Fruit is the most important food we can put into the human body. It is the one food that the human species is biologically adapted to.

But... in the broad subject of health there is surely no area that has been more misunderstood, more unjustly malignet, or more abused than the consumption of food. Simply we don't know how to eat fruit.

FRUIT SHOULD NEVER BE EATEN WITH OR IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING ANYTHING! It is essential that when we eat fruit, it is eaten on an EMPTY stomach. If fruit is eaten on top of other food, many problems result.

Perhaps after a meal you have had a piece of fruit or a glass of juice, and you noticed a sharp pain in your stomach, or indigestion or heartburn. You think "I love fruit, but fruit doesn't love me. I can't eat it. Every time I eat fruit, I burp it up all night".

What happened?

In fact, on an empty stomach, fruit or fresh juice can be absorbed into the bloodstream and start renewing our energy within 15-30 minutes. I suggest wait 30 minutes before you start to eat your food.
Juices are assimilated completely 30 minutes after consumption, while even vegetable-based solid meals need one hour or more for digestion. So drinking juices provides relief for our digestive system and allows time for repairing and cleansing of all systems and organs with a minimal use of our body's energy.

However, many people are concerned about chemicals used in the growing and storing of fruits and vegetables.
I'd like to tell you, that when we use a juicer almost any chemicals that were used in the growing and storing of our fruits and vegetables get trapped in the pulp. The juice contains only structured water with dissolved vitamins, microelements, and easy absorbable minerals salts. We can put a filter, a double filter would be even better ( I use bigger tea strainer) on the opening of our juicer's tank to eliminate as many harmful chemicals as possible.
We should drink juices in small sips (remember 30 minutes before a meal) and hold each sip in the mouth for a few seconds. Enzymes present in our saliva digest carbohydrates contained in juices. If we drink fast, the juices get directly to our stomach and undergo fermentation.
Remember - saliva is very important...

Structured water is most beneficial to our health. We can get it from fruits and vegetables, their juices, and from melted ice. - Mikhail Tombak, Ph.D

Read here about: structured water

Eat fruit and/or drink juices every day and don't worry about your juicing habit. It is healthy and nice habit. And remember: FRUIT SHOULD NEVER BE EATEN WITH OR IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING ANYTHING!

Man cannot live without self-control"- Isaac Bashevis
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