Sunday, March 28, 2010

3 Foot Giant!

The Man with incredible spirit and huge heart.

You probably know Sean Stephenson, because many times he appeared on TV and in newspapers. For me, Sean is a great, great man.
Sean Stephenson was born in 1979 with a condition called Osteogenesis_imperfecta,
 which means his bones are very brittle. So brittle, that he crushed every one of those baby bones during his birth. Doctors told his parents he would not live 24 hours. 30 years later, at 3 feet tall, he is changing the world! He graduated college, interned at the White House, and previous year, he wrote a book called "Get off your BUT".
I read his book and I can tell you - the book is a Must!
This book shows how to move beyond our limitations and begin to experience and share our gifts at the highest level.
Get off Your "But" offers a practical guide for putting fear behind you and building the inner resources to become self-confident at world and at home.
Really great book!
Sean is a motivation, internationally known speaker, a psychotherapist.
He publishes the international men's online magazine and has a private psychotherapy practice.

Sean has a great sense of humor. Look:

Sean is very friendly and lovely man. He  likes to help people and share his wisdom with others.
He is blogging!!!
You can find more about Sean and a lot of inspiration here:

"It's silly to worry about what others might be saying and thinking about you. Whatever they're saying, it's not really about you - it's about them*. In fact, what people say or think about you is direct reflection of what they may be feeling about themselves. Don't even think about it. If you want something to concentrate on, concentrate on treating yourself with more respect" - Sean Stephenson.

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