Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What DOES Make You Healthy?

How to Solve Nearly Any Illness - Without Drugs:
Posted By Dr. Mercola

There are certain basic tenets of optimal health that have always remained permanent truths, and by consistently adhering to them, you give yourself the best chance at a long and healthy life.

These 10 strategies promote overall health, as opposed to chasing and watering down various symptoms:

1.Eat a healthy diet that’s right for your nutritional type (paying very careful attention to keeping your insulin levels down) - This aspect is so important for optimal health; Dr. Mercola now offers his entire online nutritional typing program for free.

2.Drink plenty of clean water

3.Manage your stress

4.Exercise regularly - Dr. Mercola actually views exercise as a drug with regard to being properly prescribed and having proper dosage, And it's one that you can readily substitute for some of the most common drugs used today for things like diabetes, heart disease and depression.

High-intensity, burst-type exercises like  Peak 8 are particularly beneficial for optimal health, as it effectively boosts fat loss, improves muscle strength, tone and endurance, and causes your body to produce human growth hormone (HGH).

5.Optimize your vitamin D levels by getting appropriate amounts of sun exposure, or by taking an oral vitamin D3 supplement

6.Limit exposure to toxins

7.Consume healthy fats such as omega-3 fat, coconut oil and pure butter

8.Eat plenty of raw food

9.Optimize your insulin and leptin levels

10.Get plenty of sleep

Remember, leading a common sense, healthy lifestyle is your best bet to produce a healthy body and mind, and increase your longevity.

Unfortunately, both the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry won't make it easy for you to avoid the garbage that ruins your health.

The drug industry spends about $15 billion a year manipulating and distorting your perceptions about the proper solutions for your health challenges. The answer is to take self-responsibility and educate yourself so that you can make better, healthier choices.

By adhering to the basic tenets of optimal health provided above, you will build a healthy mind and body, thereby safeguarding yourself against a multitude of health problems and serious diseases.

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How to Solve Nearly Any Illness - Without Drugs:
Posted By Dr. Mercola
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