Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Innocence ....

Alex Arndt sings a written by himself touching song about the inner transformation.
My Innocence Begins Today
by Alex Arndta

I'm so sorry for the pain I've created
All I want is peace for all living beings
I can't change yesterday
So, my innocence begins today

Tears of pain and disbelief
Swell from my heart then roll on down my cheeks
As i watch a loveless scene
Playing out on my computer screen

I see sweet animals without a voice
Murdered and processed without choice
A carnage world so love deprived
Where no precious life comes out alive

My innocence begins today
That's the vow I offered up
As I kneeled down to pray
Thank you God for blessing me
With compassion for all heartbeats
My innocence begins today

Now I see what I didn't know
Inside us all there's a side we never show
Behind cold walls hidden from view
Rages a holocost for them, for me and for you

Imagine all the karmic debt
Some day on earth we'll all regret
Factory farms what a price to pay
Killing a hundred million every single day

Reconnect with our innocence
It's so natural to want to live in peace
A global sanctuary where everything lives free
I look to The Universe and know that that's how God wanted it to be.
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